Aneta Pisaniec-Drabik

Empowerment Through Responsibility:
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I AM A Piece of art
(yes, you, repeat)

Contemporary avant-garde? Business loves imaginative people!

Aneta Pisaniec-Drabik, a graduate Fashion Business at the Parsons School of Fashion and Design in New York, Journalism department at the University of Warsaw, and Cultural Diplomacy at Collegium Civitas. She has hundreds of advertising productions to her credit, dozens of created brands, and thousands of people who have benefited from this work. An aesthete sensitive to beauty, a person noticing the needs of the world, and an experienced expert in the field of image creation. She successfully combines several roles, goes beyond established patterns, and refuses to be confined to cages of too narrow specializations. Branding through art is not only her passion but also her mission. She understands both the needs of her client and their target audience perfectly.

You’ve been professionally involved in PR and marketing for years. In your opinion, what defines a strong brand?

The identity of its client and the dream of who that client would like to become. For me, a strong brand is the one that comes to mind first when we know we need something or when fate suddenly presents us with a gift in the form of the sentence: „choose whatever you want”. That’s why I envy Louis Vuitton’s actions. I know that to some extent, its employees can create marketing art without worrying about recognition. For many women around the world, a handbag is associated with this brand. Similarly with watches. There are hundreds of fantastic brands producing them, but most people associate the top brand with Rolex.


Individual Identity :Crafting a unique presence that speaks to who you are.